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Focused Small Group Personal Training With Real Results


Are you ready to take the first step towards a happier, more active you? Our FREE PT session is all you need to kick start your journey. Whether you're starting from scratch or just need a bit of a motivational push, we've got you covered! Trust us, invest in yourself and get in touch today - we promise you won't regret it!


Real Results

Small Group Personal Training

delivered by expert coaches

Solid personal programmes

We’ll develop and guide you through a unique fitness plan based on proven science, our experience, and your goals.
personal trainer helping older guiding an older woman with her exercise

High-quality coaching

You’ll get a dedicated coach who guides, supports, and encourages you through every single session.
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Small Group Personal Training

Our groups of no more than eight give you personal attention but with the buzz of doing it with others.
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Feel the difference

We promise you’ll feel and see positive changes to your shape, energy, strength, confidence, and self-belief in weeks.



A Welcoming Community

full of good people and good fun

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Your social club

We’re professional all the way, but we’re as serious about good vibes as we are about fitness.
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Warm and relaxed

Forget intimidating gyms. The joining experience here is like a hug. You’ll feel the love from the minute you walk in.
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Family atmosphere

Feeling part of something is the best motivator. You’ll look forward to coming and pushing a little harder when you’re here.
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Your happy place

Think of our gym as quality time for you. It’s your local hub for fun, friendship and feeling great in both body and mind.



Five easy steps to start making real changes:

get into shape while enjoying it

Step 1

Dont Be Scared

We're fun, friendly, and easy to chat to, so have no fear.
Step 2

Send the form

Enter your name, email and phone number, and we’ll set things in motion.
Step 3

A quick call

We’ll give you a call and chat through any questions you have and maybe get to know you a little better and you us!
Step 4

Be evaluated

Pop in and get a full evaluation to help us find out more about you, plan what your journey with us will look like and show you the space.
Step 5

Start the Trial

Meet the new you. Strong, healthy, and confident in and out of the gym.
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Try Before You Buy

We understand that committing to anything long term can be daunting at first. That's why we offer a free personal training session to everyone to see if it's for you. No contracts. No commitments. No pressure. Just pop in, enjoy your training session coached from start to finish. Get in touch below and say hello!
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One of the best coaches out there. Have worked with Darragh for years.Devotes everything towards you and makes you feel extremely valued as a client. He can cater to your needs, especially for an individual looking to improve sporting strength.Would recommend Darragh and Strength-2-Strength 10/10.
David Greville
David Greville
The standard of coaching and equipment at Strength-2-Strength are top class. The facilities are in immaculate condition.Darragh's vast experience is obvious in every session. Even though you're training in a group, your sessions can be tweaked based on your experience or current injuries. This has made it much easier for me to train consistently. I know that no session is wasted, as long as I show up.Darragh's light hearted but detailed approach to training is addictive. There is a positive feeling around the gym, and in every class. I've been going to various commercial gyms on and off for over a decade, but I've never enjoyed exercising as much as I do here.I'd recommend training at Strength-2-Strength to anyone, regardless of experience or ability.
Darren Kane
Darren Kane
I am loving the small group PT and classes at Strength-2-Strength. Darragh is a gent who is so knowledgeable and provides great coaching and motivation throughout each session. He pushes you when he knows you can do more and encourages you to go lighter when it is more beneficial for your technique. He has a state of the art gym and changing areas with showers which is great as I can fit in my gym session before work and not lose time. There is a real welcoming and encouraging vibe around the place, everyone is lovely and it's great fun. I would highly recommend joining Strength-2-Strength from the beginner to the consistent trainer, it's top class.
Lorraine Murray
Lorraine Murray
Great small group personal training sessions. Darragh is an extremely enthusiastic coach, who is an expert in fitness. There is a lovely friendly atmosphere in the gym, where each session is personalised. I've enjoyed improving my strength, fitness and mobility all thanks to Darragh. I would highly recommend Strength-2-Strength!
Catherine Hayes
Catherine Hayes
Highly recommend Darragh and Strength2Strength, his enthusiasm and his positivety are A1. It's a bit daunting going back into the gym after many(many) years but Darragh has made it really enjoyable. The gym is brand new and is kept absolutely spotless. I haven't missed a session yet! The addition of the wearable tech is great too for live analysis in each session. Top class!!
Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon
Strength-2-Strength has really helped me get back to loving the gym. Whether it’s small group PT or a busier hybrid class I always feel Darragh is there to assist and improve form; I also appreciate how certain exercises in a class can be adjusted to work around my injury. Darragh has been great at motivating all members during the classes while making it fun at the same time. Couldn’t recommend Strength-2-Strength enough especially for those that aren’t as confident in the gym.
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