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Strength-2-Strength is the club that welcomes you to a friendly, ego-free, and fun environment. Fitness to us means more than lots of cardio, heavy weights, and protein shakes. Fitness is about lifestyle, feeling part of a community, moving well, and boosting your confidence.

And guess what? You don’t have to do it alone! With our team of experienced personal trainers, we’re here to motivate you, guide you, and celebrate your wins in your journey to becoming a stronger you!

Our Coaching Is Built On The 4 Pillars Of Fitness


Training & Movement




Combining our client centric approach with our 4 pillars, we help you achieve a long term and sustainable fitness journey, that helps you move more, believe more, and achieve more. We combine scientific principles, quality coaching, and fun to create our training programmes, to achieve the results you want, all in a vibrant community of like minded people. 

Does this sound like something for you? Click the link below to sign-up for a FREE PT session and a chat to get started on your fitness journey! 
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Meet The Founder

Darragh Henry - Founder of Strength-2-Strength

A lover of sport and fitness, Darragh created Strength-2-Strength to share his passion for health, wellness, and exercise. Having studied extensively over the last decade, earning a BSc. and MSc. in Strength & Conditioning, as well as working in the industry for over 6 years, Darragh loves mixing scientific principles with practicality (and fun!) to create the perfect training environment. 

Darragh’s approach to fitness is about including it as part of your lifestyle and making it enjoyable. “If you make fitness fun, then you will be consistent, and consistency gets results”
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